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Goose 12x16


I love how Lindsey was able to perfectly capture Goose’s expressive personality on canvas! The colors, detail and workmanship went above & beyond my expectations.



We fell in love with the way Lindsey captured our beloved Sophia’s spirit in a beautiful memento. We are so grateful that we will forever be able to love and cherish her with fondness and others can see how much softness and joy she had for her farm life! Thank you Lindsey, your talent and love for what you do is immeasurable.

Ray 12x16


Lindsey Finch Art completely captured the essence of our sweet Ray. We were moved to tears and beyond thrilled with our portrait!



Lindsey captured Growler’s likeness and personality perfectly! I love that we’ll always have this painting as a special reminder of our favorite fur baby.



Blown away at how Lindsey captured my Reese so perfectly - every hair, his eyes, and his slight head tilt. Lindsey's open communication throughout the process made everything easy. Your pet's portrait is in the best hands. I'll certainly be a repeat customer!



Lindsey is an incredible artist! She brought Calvin to life through who her work and it brings us joy every time we look at and talk about her painting.

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