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Live Wedding Painting

Masterpiece of Your Special Day

As the artist behind live wedding painting, I embark on a captivating journey of making love come alive on canvas. Each brushstroke is a deliberate reflection of the couple's unique connection and the enchanting ambiance surrounding them. The painting evolves in real-time, allowing the couple and their guests to witness the creation of a personalized masterpiece. By the end of the celebration, the artwork stands as a tangible testament to their love story, a cherished keepsake that will forever encapsulate the magic of their wedding day.

The Process

Painting Love's Perfect Moments

Before the event:

Leading up to your event, we will discuss your hopes and vision for the painting, such as what the setting will be and which moment you would like me to capture. 

will arrive two hours before the start of your event to set up and begin painting the background. 

During the event:

I will continue to paint during the ceremony and reception. I will snap some photos of the magical moment and continue to paint from those during the reception.

After the event:

Finishing touches will be completed back at my home studio after the event. Once you approve of your final painting, it will be varnished, wired and ready to hang in your home! 


What if I am already booked for your date or you have already had your wedding?

I can work from photos to create your masterpiece after your wedding! This makes a great wedding or anniversary gift.

Tell me about your Event

Thank you for inquiring about Live Wedding Painting. I look forward to discussing your big event more soon!

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