About Lindsey

Where I Come From

I have been practicing art since I was just a little girl. My creativity was cultivated at home where my parents always supplied my sisters and me with art-making materials and signed us up for local art camps. My mom, Debbie Lord, always had projects for us to work on at home like making firework paintings for the fourth of July and oven-bake clay animals on the weekends. My dad, Doug Lord, inspired in me a curiosity of how things are made and if something is broken, do a little research because you can fix anything! 


One person I am hugely inspired by is my Grandma, Barbara Lord. She has been making things with her hands her whole life and instilled in me an appreciation for the history behind the everyday tools and items used in different cultures. Things like baskets and blankets and sails on boats, things that are taken for granted by most, and she always asks the questions: who made it, what is it made of and how was it made? There is a craftsman (or woman) or inventor or designer behind everything we use!

Most of the work I have completed until now has been work completed during my undergraduate studies at Christopher Newport University, where I was instructed by highly esteemed professors. While there, I experimented with painting, drawing, printmaking, graphic designing, 3-D printing and sculpturing. During my few free minutes, I began making commissioned paintings of dogs for co-workers and have enjoyed the challenge of captivating the life and personality of animals in the form of a painted image.


Why I Paint

I am driven by a deep seeded desire inside me to paint. The challenge of recreating what is observed in reality in a way that has not yet been seen by the eyes of others, including myself, is thrilling beyond words. Even I do not know how exactly my paintings will turn out at the start of the journey. Similar in life, I plan for what I can, and accept the outcome created from a little exploration, experimentation, and faith.

I started oil painting in high school where I grew up in Williamsburg, Virginia. Starting my painting practice with fast-drying acrylics, I loved mixing colors and layering thick brush stokes of paint on canvases. Acrylics peaked my interest in painting, but it was oil paint that hooked me into the practice. I have a tendency to take my time and enjoy the processes of life and I found that the slow-drying characteristic of oil paint matched my personality and my habits of daily life. Painting has taught me to look at the world through a lens of color and contours. Subconsciously I am always evaluating the spectrum of colors that make up the world around me and appreciating how light influences the illusion of color, shape, and form. It has also taught me to better manage my time!!

Who I Am and What I Do

My life has been a whirlwind experience since I left CNU after earning my Masters of Art in Teaching degree. I student taught in Newport News and gathered as much experience as I could to prepare me to start my career in teaching. They say nothing prepares you fully for your first year of teaching, and also that you will learn more in your first year than any other time. Well, I can now agree with that! I have had the privilege and joy of teaching kids art at an elementary school in Ashland, Virginia. As I am now in my fourth year of teaching, I feel more confident, patient, and happy as I pass along my love and knowledge of art to each of my little kiddos at school. I have wanted to be an art teacher since I was in kindergarten, so who better to inspire future artists and art connoisseurs than me?

I also got married in June (2017) to Brandon Finch, my best friend and love since our freshman year of college (that's over 8 years now!) We have been enjoying our new life as husband and wife in the house we bought and have made into a home. Finally, we've added another to our pack. His name is Milo the Australian Shepherd!